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With new technologies flooding every day, it is hard to keep up with all the updates. Various technologies including computers and software are a part of our existence – educational, professional, and personal too, they have made our lives easy and accurate from the retail market to rocket science.

In this blog, we will take you through one of the important aspects of software development.

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Today, software is no longer just a programing for individual interest or software is no more just a program to be executed for performing a task but an interaction of the programs, data-structure, and documentation and is a complex structure to develop, test, and maintain. Want to hire the best software developers? Wait! First, get familiar with SDLC. It’s an acronym for Software Development Life Cycle. It is a process used for structuring the development of any software system, from initiation through to implementation. In this blog, we have tried to mention the processes considered by top Software Development Companies and the challenges they face, for our readers.

Analysis & Feasibility Study

This phase deals with the recognition of the need for software to answer the existing problem and a rough plan is outlined. A feasibility study is conducted further to ensure that the plan is executable. According to leading Software Developers in London, this phase shouldn't be missed out as it helps to set the tone of the project further.

Design & Development

Top software development companies in the USA define this phase as designing and developing the IT-Infrastructure, creation of user interface, data models, purchasing and buying software and hardware in order to support the infrastructure. This is followed by coding based on specifications and demand of the client.


It is another most critical part of the development cycle. It deals with integration of codes and checking it in the real-world environment. Any bugs found are removed and the outcome product is compared to the pre-planned blueprint. And if the results are satisfactory, the project is ready to be handed over to the client.

Deployment & Maintenance

This phase deals with delivering the project to the client along with administrative controls. It is made familiarised with the functions and basic trouble-shooting tools ,the software is made available for users. Maintenance of the site deals with alterations which are necessary to keep system work smoothly. It is necessary to maintain and upgrade the system from time to time so it can adapt to future needs. Top software development companies in Australia put a lot of attention to this part as it helps them retain their customers.

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The cycle does not conclude until all the requirements have been fulfilled, and will continue until all the potential needs are adjusted within the system. However, there are other aspects and challenges which one should be aware of before finalizing on a development plan. One such aspect is ‘Outsourcing’. Outsourcing software development services refer to a practice that involves outsourcing the performance of certain tasks or functions to an external company or institution. Though it has a lot of advantages, it’s a challenging task as well. Listed below are some challenges:

The customer is usually looking for a better service than he can provide himself. He is interested in low-cost benefits. On the other hand, the supplier wants to earn. The situation should be monitored so that the agreement guarantees the satisfaction of both parties.

Communication problems are most frequent in outsourcing. Communication is a broad concept. It can be time zone differences or difficulties in keeping additional documentation, or even a lack of interaction with colleagues.It has also been found that many remote software developers in the USA further contract the project to other companies and just act as a middle-man, this further disrupts the communication. Essence of a proper communication between the client and developing company is very important to overcome such problems.

Another challenge with outsourcing is management of the various processes altogether. The development teams should have a tool where they can report bugs, commission tasks or ask questions and know about advances in complementary processes too.

Still having problems configuring the way out ?? Do send us your query at our contact numbers given below. We will be more than glad to help you out.

Freelancers Or Outsourcing Company?

Everyone today is already familiar with Freelancing. They are hired for a project, which means – they do the job & then get paid. Hiring remote freelancers Since they are cheaper than hiring a software development company so you might be able to save money

Whereas an outsourcing company is a much better choice to get your work done professionally. They provide all-in-one services that are essential for building an app or a website. They always stay up-to-date with the new software development trends and improvements in their skills. That is why they are always able to recommend technology that suits your project.

According to a report, almost 50% of the outsourcing market is dominated by India.

So it is more sensible to hire Indian software developers if the need for outsourcing is felt.

But both of the above have their pro & cons. Most of the freelancers are experts in a field of two and may not provide for all development needs. Some may even quit before finishing their job. Also, they are not liable to provide after-sale support. So a company is a much sensible choice. Though there are many benefits of outsourcing software development in countries like Dubai, a suitable company may be hard to find and if you search excessively, they are more expensive than freelancers.

Confused ?? Well, what if I tell you that it is now possible to get the best of both the worlds. The best way to get that is by hiring an outsourcing company that has partnered with freelancers as well and can cater to your needs. There are many custom software developers in the UK that can help you with the same.

React Native vs Ionic framework

Ionic and React Native are two great solutions for creating applications. Both types differ in certain aspects, features and goals. Ionic framework uses typically web-based code, which minimizes the effort associated with releasing applications to the next platform. Its code can also be run on mobile most of the time. React Native is a cross-platform framework supported by Facebook. It allows us to create a mobile application using JavaScript for iOS and Android platforms.The code written can be easily shared between two platforms. Most offshore outsourcing software services companies use this platform to achieve enhanced quality.

Depending upon the need, the client has to opt for either one of the two platforms. Though, if an outsourcing company is contacted, they are able to help choose one that would fit best.

Agile Development

It's not much of a challenge as it's an aspect of software development. This methodology is focused on improving small pieces of the software instead of delivering the entire application. Top software development companies in Australia help to add quality and flexibility to a project. In Agile development, the client is a part of a team and is engaged in the project development during all stages of the project. However, one should be careful while picking the development team as it has its backdrops as well. Though it adds a good dimension of flexibility but it can be taken as its con too.

One should be familiar with the above-mentioned aspects to develop a clear understanding before going for software development. Whether it’s about hiring a freelancer for software development or an outsourcing company, having a clear vision is an added benefit for the client. ZuZuCodes is one such software development company that has catered to the needs of numerous clients all over the globe. It has a vast network of freelancers and top software developers in the UK. Whether it is about startups or custom software development, we offer a wide variety of services.

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