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Searching for a suitable company to get your business online? Well look no further, ZuZuCodes is a one spot stop for all your needs. We are dynamic IT Solution company that provides a wide range of services in Offshore Web development and App development assisting several companies grow in the last few years.

We guarantee the best VFM service solutions available in the market today.

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Reasons for our Confidence?

Our present competitive market demands Focusing resources and processes on the delivery and accomplishment of core value propositions. We, at ZuZuCodes, have found out the amalgam of succeeding at this. WANNA KNOW HOW?

Using the Correct Language

Experimenting with our project in our initial days, we found it a necessity to use an Open Source, Platform Independent, Flexible language. And the answer was PHP. We boast a team of top PHP developers in the United Arab Emirates and India availing their services to us and our customers as per their demands, be it be for App development or Web development.

Allotting Right Resources at Right Places

Familiar with Offshore Software development? It is an outsourcing task to a third-party software party or developers. It is best to maintain a standard as we need not to spend on training or administration. Our company has been in touch with a number of third party developers throughout various projects we handled till date. It helps us make sure that we hire the best php developers in the industry which helps save our client precious time and also the money, which in-turn makes us a reliable Outsourcing Development Company in Dubai, UAE.

Maintaining Regular Communication

Communication is the key. We provide a team of experts which maintains constant communication with you and even facilitates the presence of your offshore PHP development company. ZuZuCodes walks an extra mile by monitoring the updates of the project for you and even hiring a dedicated freelance PHP developer with whom you are comfortable if need may arise.

Not Compromising With Quality

At ZuZuCodes we believe in the policy of retaining the customer for our growth. It is the mantra that helped us survive and come up as one of the top web development services companies in Dubai, top web development companies in United States and top web development companies in United Kingdom. We have never hesitated in employing top php developers for getting the results desired by our clients.

Customized and Optimized

Providing top notch php web applications development services in USA from startups to multi-billion dollar organizations has guided us to form some highly customized projects. PHP itself is a highly optimized language and it helps achieve great levels of customization as our company is a customer driven development company. We have successfully customized hundreds of projects according to our client's nee

Partnership Approach

We believe in long-term and trustful partnership with our clients. Our aim is to earn customer's trust and their confidence and become their dedicated PHP vendor. For achieving this we even partner with remote PHP developers in Dubai and many other countries. The biggest benefit of using our freelance PHP developers is that we can even arrange personal visits to our clients so troubleshooting becomes an easy task.

Development Cycle

ZuZuCodes has been among the best PHP development services companies in USA and other countries for the last few years. During this tenure we encountered numerous challenges which helped us set some benchmarks.

Gathering the Requirement

We bring the team of our experts to understand the demands of our clients and point out the benefits and disadvantages a user might experience in future. Our experienced php developers who have handled several projects make this tiresome task a breeze like experience.


In this phase we provide a number of fine crafted interfaces by using different wire-frames depending upon the audience the website is targeted to . These prototypes are fully functional samples waiting for approval of clients.


This phase involves designing the architecture , choosing the right database, bug free coding , setting up other necessary infrastructure etc. PHP development in top markets like that of the USA and UAE has already reached a level below which a business can't survive.


This is the part where the website is made online and feedback is taken from users to ensure the launch is upto the mark. If there is any scope of refinement left we make sure it is done before delivering it to the clients.


The Client-server setup ,transferring of PHP application to Client takes place in this phase.

Industries We Have Covered So Far...

We have handed over 3000 successful projects since we have started. From various startups to traditional industries ,there is hardly any genre left untouched by us. Some of the prominent sectors we are working with include the following-

Retail and E-commerce

The workforce at ZuZucodes has provided a significant boost to this sector in UAE. PHP Web development in Dubai has allowed a majority of wholesalers, retailers and small scale Industries to set foot on the international stage with safety and security.

Banking and Finance

Along with providing a feasible solution to the banking industry , we have been able to address the most important aspect related to it. maintaining the sensitivity of data by using advanced technologies. Especially in the UK, where banking and finance contribute to major portions of growth, we left no stone unturned to come up with the most secure PHP Web Development in the UK.

Logistics and Transportation

Our team has a great reputation for pinpointing the core aspects and providing adequate solutions for it .We have already been providing services like warehouse management along with required transparency, on-demand logistics mobile app development ,asset tracking and management ,freight and fleet management etc for years now.

Travel and Tourism

We at ZuZuCodes hire the best PHP developers in Australia as well as partners with the same offshore who have a knack for making this industry more fun and reliable. We all know what share of the economy depends on tourism in Australia, hence we couldn't have set our foot wrong. Still confused about where to go ? Just contact us and let us sail you through.


Free global healthcare is an important service in first world countries. Having hired the best developers in the industry paid off as our solutions have helped this domain. With more services being provided online we contacted trusted freelance wordpress developers in the UK. .The positive feedback of the community has motivated us to go through the hindrances and bring the best to the table.

Education and E-learning

There is no limit to learning and everyone has the right of education .This is the reason we have partnered with a lot of startups for providing education to the remotest areas with the help of the internet without any boundations. We hire the best PHP developers in USA who are experienced with the use of the latest technologies like AI and Robotics. We have even enabled some institutions which educate children with disability and contributed to women education too.

Publishing and Advertising

Over the years, ZuZuCodes has provided solutions ranging from digital publishing, custom publishing, etc to social media APIs and marketing tools. Our other services include publishing software tools, digital asset management, etc.

Media and Entertainment

Our team has partnered with several PHP freelancers in USA. and off-shores to deliver the best and customized solutions to various clients. Innovation in this industry knows no boundations and so do our teams.

Added Benefits For Selecting Us...

We cover almost all major frameworks around PHP web development services along with the compatible databases in the back-end and third party integration. Laravel, CakePHP, Yii, Codeigniter are few frameworks to be named. various types of databases like MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL make a very robust combination to attain the desired results.

Databases like MySQL etc. provide free to use ,open source and effective management by connecting them to software. They are stable, reliable and powerful solutions with advanced features like Data security ,on demand scalability and comprehensive transactional support.

All of the above features troubleshoot problems one might come across. To overcome such problems we advise to take the following measures…

Tune the Performance: Optimize your database and speed up your server with a load balancing software. It provides the required agility and scalability and expands capability of unplanned and anticipated performance.

Optimize the queries: When the coding of websites and applications is done poorly, no database optimization tools and techniques could help fixing the server . SQL load balancing is the only option for attaining required data consistency and increasing the performance and providing enhanced customer experience.

Still having problems configuring the way out ?? Do send us your query at our contact numbers given below. We will be more than glad to help you out.


LAMP is an acronym for Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP. It is a group of open-source software downloaded and installed individually. LAMP combination is a widely used PHP server. There is a vast ecosystem of LAMP on the internet.

Yes. We will get a replacement of the PHP programmer and engineer if we see any performance or discipline issue at the PHP developer’s end.

Four Essential tools for PHP Servers are:
  • Operating System
  • Web Server
  • DBMS
  • PHP

We offer all the options available on desk and then our clients are free to pick or drop according to their need and budget.

Our team guarantees to provide the project to our clients in a spill-proof manner. We attain this by outsourcing to only reputable developers and with whom we have worked before also.

Hiring developers from ZuZuCodes assures involvement of top PHP developers in your project. We ensure to maintain the sensitivity of details and anonymity of your idea and in-time completion of the task. You have more control as you get to up and dukan scale the team as per your wish. No hidden charges or rules to bound you.

Our highly experienced team leaders come in handy as well in guiding the team.

We have handed over 300 successful projects to multiple clients since our foundation. But for sake of anonymity we can’t disclose their name as per our company’s policies.

Yes. We present you the programmers and developers along with their resume and profiles they have worked in. This is even followed with remote freelancers we bring to you. You can choose the candidates whose skills you see are fit for task.

Absolutely! We take strict measures to ensure that the freelancer works only on your project like other regular employees and completes it within the time.

Yes. All our web pages are dynamic and support quick multi-tasking.

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