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Looking for robust and secure solutions, at an affordable price range, Laravel is something that comes to everyone’s mind.

It is a PHP framework that is extremely expressing and yet very elegant which has helped numerous business owners flourish online.

It’s an open-source framework which supports the development of web and mobile application

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Also accelerates custom web application development by simplifying common web development tasks like session management, routing, authentication, file system management, unit testing etc.

We, at ZuZuCodes, have helped our clients with our skilled expertise in the field over the years. We avail you all the professional help one could get under one roof. But before going into that, you need to understand why Laravel is the most suitable framework for web app development and how it can help you. Listed below are few points, of why it’s a preferred framework –


Laravel though very extensive, is quite easy to work with. A developer with even basic knowledge of PHP can work his way through the web app development and complete it. This is the reason it's the most popular framework today and is relatively easy to hire a Laravel developer all across the globe.


Another major advantage goes to its capability of handling big projects and growing as per the needs of the organization or the client. Majority of the Laravel web developers in the UK. prefer it as they enjoy the flexibility with this framework.

Open Source

We all know that Laravel is an open-source framework which means it is free & easily available on the internet. It features a simple process to make complex web applications, all by code maintenance. It has a robust development community with continuous support which makes significant contributions every day. As an open-source PHP framework, it also helps you to curtail web application development cost with an array of new features – resource classes, automatic package discovery, time-based job attempts, on-demand notifications and new frontend preset options.

Object-Oriental Libraries

Laravel is quite famous for its libraries and what it helps the professional achieve. It has a wide variety of libraries. For ex: Authentication library is one of the pre-installed libraries. It provides numerous utilities like checking active users, BCrypt hashing, countersign reset, CSRF (Cross-Site Request Forgery) protection etc.

Integration with mail services

It is mandatory for web applications to keep their users informed of new deals and offers. New user registration is also important (i.e. notifying the new user when he/she registers). The framework is equipped with a clean API over SwiftMailer library. And there are drivers for SMTP, Mailgun, SparkPost, Mandrill, PHP’s “mail” function, Amazon SES, and “sendmail” to help you send mail through cloud based or local services.

Inbuilt command line

Developers usually find it tedious to perform those repetitive programming tasks because they are heavily time-consuming. The command-line tool called Artisan, helps them create a skeleton code and manages the database system successfully. Artisan helps in generating the basic MVC files and managing assets, including their respective configurations.


Web application should run as quickly as possible and this framework ensures that by Cache management. Caching is the way to increase application performance by storing in the filesystem or in memory results of such expensive operations as requests to the database server. For larger applications, it is better to use an in-memory cache such as Memcached or APC.

It is clear how beneficial a good language is along with a good framework especially in the hands of professionals. Majority of Dedicated Laravel-developers offer a myriad of benefits over others in terms of flexibility and scalability. At ZuZuCodes, Laravel Development Services can help you to skyrocket your online presence by providing simple, fast-performing and business-centric web applications. This is the reason the Best PHP web developers for hire in Australia stick to it and advise it as well.

Our Approach

We have partnered with numerous professionals over the years to help our clients realize their dreams as well as us to grow. Whether it’s outsourcing or providing in-bound team, we feel duty bound to deliver what we promise. We have believed in the policy of customer retention right from the very beginning and this has helped us to maintain a loyal customer base right from the start. We guarantee our services at a very cost-effective price without compromising the quality of it. A few of the advantages which our clients really liked are-

Dedicated Team

Our Expert team shares the same enthusiasm for our clients as we do. They have years of experience and have never let us down on delivering what we promised. Even though the framework is easy to work with, yet, it needs sincere efforts, especially when dealing with a project, according to the best web app development companies in the USA.

Updated Technology

We go through extensive training sessions to update and upgrade our knowledge on the latest technology. For instance, Laravel-5 comes with a redesigned directory structure, simplifies method injection and route caching, and supports multiple file systems natively. The customer needs to feel the site interactive and updated to keep him engaged, according to remote Laravel developers in the USA.


Throughout our journey, handling different projects with their own set of requirements, we totally understand the essence of communication in the phase. Hence, when we partner with our clients, we pay special attention to it and even appoint a project manager to facilitate it. For better transparency and control, we provide our clients to communicate with developers directly to brief them with the progress status.

Right Resource Selection

This is one major benefit that all our clients enjoy thoroughly. We have a vast network of Laravel developers expanded throughout the globe and we don't hesitate to get our clients in touch with them if need may arise. Whether it's outsourcing or hiring third-party developers, we leave no stone unturned. This has helped us grow as one of the best offshore Laravel development companies in the UAE.


When you reach us with your dream, it becomes our responsibility to realize it and provide the best solution set which could help you grow and at the same time fit in budget without compromising on the quality. To ease this up we have divided the process into parts given below-

Requirement Outlining

This phase includes a brainstorming session with our experts where we understand the needs of our clients and discuss the possible strategies and tools that can help attain short term goals without compromising with future endeavors.

Development Phase

In this phase we put together the designing architecture, right database for backend and a graphic design for front-end. A spill-proof code is created to match the current standards of Web development.


The client-server setup is brought live and possession is transferred to the client. Necessary troubleshooting steps are explained if any condition arises.


The website is brought live into the environment to check for any possible errors. Necessary modifications suggested by the client are made at this phase. The website is opened for limited members to get their feedback and final altercations are made.

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Today, when almost 80% of Web App development is dominated by PHP, it is just more sensible to adopt its most demanded framework technology and why strain yourself when we get everything covered for you. Our highly proficient Laravel developers can design and develop easily by utilizing various tools that can smoothly run a website. What most business owners desire is to get a web app that can be operated upon, revised, and expanded later if business demands to rise. Feel free to contact us to be part of one the top Laravel development companies.

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Since Laravel is a multipurpose technology framework, it is primarily used as front-end for web-app development and for back-end development for mobile apps too.